I Write because I simply need to express the thoughts crowded in my head. I cannot count the random pieces of paper I have abused with my scribbles. If I don’t open up the gates and allow my ideas to flow they may begin to wrestle each other for prime position . The many nuances of human existence presents me daily with topics to write about.  The written word possesses the power to spark emotions from love to bitter hatred and it’s because of that very power we must steward words with care. I hope to hone my craft as I write on my blog about ideas that interest me and hopefully others as well. This blog was created for several reasons, but primarily to allow an outlet for my creative and personal musings. The act of writing for me is a mental exercise I enjoy because it stretches the mind into new ideas and possibilities. I  had trepidations about joining Word Press due to the immense talent represented. However, I decided stepping out on faith was the right thing to do. If it didn’t happen now, it probably never would. Hopefully I write something of interest that entices comments, which leads to growth on my part as a writer. Thanks for reading

Estacious W.