Fix Your Snap Back

RESILIENCE: an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.

The capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress.


The Journey Begins

When new life begins in the womb of a human mother the parents have no idea of what future awaits their child. There is unpredictability built in from the beginning. Most of humanity began the same way in the body of another human being. However, the tests that come and knocks us off balance are not predictable. That is the beauty of living out a human existence. The idea of not knowing what may happen is the thrill. If there is a neat little time line given at birth then all the mystery is sucked away, and life becomes boring and colorless. The mishaps, mistakes, and unexpected are what gives it flavor and builds character.

Potholes Ahead….

Sometimes we may wish there is a timeline or road-map that highlights potholes to avoid, but of course that’s not the case. We can plan for pitfalls and lay out a plan which is flawless but sometimes things don’t progress as planned. Issues manifest themselves all the time , but on occasion some are bigger and uglier than others. They come in the form of sickness. A child is diagnosed with a life threatening illness. A family member develops emotional issues. A job disappears and puts financial strain on the family. We’ve all been there. How do we stand when life slaps us with hurricane force? How do we push against the onslaught as hail assaults our resolve and lightening threatens to burn us to the core?

The Resiliency of Humanity

There is in certain men … a quality of resilience, a sturdy refusal to acknowledge defeat, which aids them as effectively in affairs of the heart as in encounters of a sterner and more practical kind.”

P.G. Wodehouse

a mental attitude or inclination


Imagine laying at the bottom of a deep well. The light is faint at the opening. You hope someone will come to rescue. However, no one comes. It’s now become apparent that you must save yourself. Life is much the same. It comes to a point in every person’s life that rescue or healing can only be accomplished by them. Self-pity is not an option. It’s time to rise and get to moving forward. Can I recover from the injury? Can I rebuild my marriage? Can I Repair my finances? Can I shake my addiction? Don’t let defeat or mistakes define your existence. You must have the elasticity of spirit to snap back and not allow the compressive stress to deform your resolve. As the above quotes states, you must have the sturdy refusal not to embrace defeat. Will it be easy to make changes? The answer is a loud no. However, learn from it and use the knowledge to possibly manifest a better outcome next time. I don’t necessarily know if a person is born with resilience or if it’s developed over time. However, I will say this in closing, I believe that mindset has a lot to do with it. When a person’s mind is made up not to allow setbacks to push them into a corner, it’s then that resilience comes into play. Don’t allow life to push you around, instead push life around. Peace Yall.