I Forgive You

 “I forgive you”. My God this three word sentence is like balm to the tortured soul. It can absolve hurt and appease pain. A decade of old and smoldering resentment can be put to rest in the matter of a few minutes conversation. However, it takes commitment and deep mining of ones soul to truly forgive. To lug around the luggage of past sufferings only serves one purpose; to chain a person to the past. You must surrender in the act of forgiveness. When two human entities choose to be both the receiver and giver of forgiveness; true freedom is then bloomed from that sole act.

I must forgive to heal my soul. I must forgive so I can move on in God’s grace. I must forgive for my children, so I can be an example of truly letting go. I must forgive to absolve another of guilt and pain. I must forgive as Jesus forgave me when he marched to the cross for my sins. I must forgive so I can deposit my trunk of repentances and ill will at the depot of mercy.

When we cannot forgive we saddle ourselves with unresolved emotion and regret. It’s our duty to our fellow man to offer the olive branch of reconciliation. What are you going to do when that person shows up at your door with the word “sorry” on their lips? Are you going to curl your mouth in disgust and send them packing or are you going to invite them in and finally lay the past in the grave. I say do offer forgiveness when the opportunity does arise and believe me, if you do, you will live a more fulfilled life.