The Fro: A symbol of pride



It was birthed from a righteous movement

A movement that screamed though bloody clenched teeth for equality

Kinky fluffiness stands in defiance of assimilation

Speaks of ancestors

Carmel colored folks that stood tall

Hair standing erect

Attention getting for its sheer size

It spoke through bold statements

It yells I will not bend to the oppressors whims

The AFRO whispers soul songs

8 tracks and bell bottoms flayed out on fine brown frames

Protest speeches fills each follicle

The AFRO screams no more

No more lynching while cowering in fear

No more angry faces screaming from the back of pick ups

While a house burns to the ground

It walks into voting booths

No more poll taxes out of our pocket

It cries about fairness in the classroom

The AFRO paints upon it curly locks


It cries with us when one sworn to protect all un-holsters death

And takes another Black life

Black hair speaks our identity

It yells hey look at me

Don’t judge

Embrace the diversity

And let the AFRO protest in peace.