The Ugliness of the Attack on Jussie Smollett

Barack Hussein Obama became president in the wee hours of a November night. He stood his ebony frame on a stage in Chicago with his queen Michelle and their two little princesses. It seemed a new day was upon us. Were we finally living out the dream? Was the blank check Martin spoke about in the Summer of 1963 about to cash out or at least finally make it to the bank of justice? However, the vicious attack on Jussie Smollett exemplifies the check remains marked insufficient funds.

Now we are in 2019 and the ugliness buried underneath the thin historical soil of America walks among us again. It manifested itself in Charlottesville with the running down of a young woman by a horrible bigot. Now in the same city where a black man ascended to the highest office in America, a young black actor is viciously beaten, insulted, and symbolically lynched because of his race. It seems our current political climate emboldened some who embrace the rhetoric coming from our White House. It’s ironic that over ten years ago I thought we made it out of the darkness into the light. However, it was just hiding and laying in wait for its resurrection.

Jussie didn’t deserve what happened to him on a bitter cold night in the Windy City. He was exercising his human right to walk freely the streets of any American city without fear of attack because of the hue of his skin. His heritage shouldn’t be a possible death sentence in the 21st century. Awful truths lace the outer rim of this powerful and wealthy country. One day we may all come together and allow each other to live out our lives in peace regardless of race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. To exist in peace is a basic human right we all deserve and I hope one day hate is eradicated like roaches from our collective humanity. Thanks for reading. Peace y’all.