A List of the Things I love and loved.

As I sit here thinking about the 44 years of life God has blessed me with, I wonder what  I have developed a love for over the these four decades. I am sure it is a long list. I love a lot of things in my life. However a few of the items in my list are now just memories due to death  and the all too certain passing of time. Well here is my list of things I love (1)When I was a kid I loved riding in the back of my father’s 1969 GTO on lazy Saturday mornings to visit my grandparents in the Magnolia State(2) I love to think about hot summer days in my home town of New Orleans riding my bike like I was being chased by a monster. (3) I loved sitting with my late mother in her beloved kitchen and listening to the Blues as she cooked meals that are still talked about by my family. (4)I loved the birth of each one of my three children and seeing them grow is a blessing beyond explanation. (5) I love the times my wife and I spend with each other on our date nights. It seems I fall in love with her all over again each time. (6) I love helping children reach their full potential even when the odds are against them. The glow in a child’s eyes when they finally see their possibility is priceless. (7) I love to reminisce about the many Christmas holidays I spent witnessing my mom cook magnificent holiday feasts, while she sang the Blues at the top of her mighty lungs. (8) I love meeting new people because each person’s differences can add to mine and their own existence. (9) I love when the last school bell rings at the beginning of summer and releases kids to explore dreams which were bottled all  academic year. (10) I love all types of music from Blues to Hip Hop. It inspires me to write when inspiration has disappeared like water on hot pavement.

It took me quite decent amount time to figure out how I wanted to approach the idea of a list. I think this is adequate but by no means exhaustive of things I love but it amazed me how difficult it was to think of things to write about. I hope you enjoy reading it.