I Witnessed Purple Rain in Theaters and It was Amazing


A week ago on a chilly Saturday night I had the pleasure of seeing Purple Rain in theaters. It was a gift from my wife for our anniversary. I was too young to see it when it first came out, but the album has been one of my favorites since I was a teenager. When I found out it was being released in honor of his life I was ecstatic. The big screen was calling my name. To have the opportunity to see the Purple One larger than life was an experience I could not pass up. I was never fortunate enough to witness Prince dance across the stage at a live concert. I would never get the chance to see the magic that was him. I would never see those famous heels slide across the atmosphere. The primal scream he was known for would never enter these ears as a spectator in a packed stadium. Prince was a sun that was snuffed out too soon. However, we will always have the ability to pop that cult classic in the DVD player and be whisked back to 1984.

The experience in the theater was like being at a live concert. Other movie goers were in rapture as they sung along to the classic hits. Fans waved imaginary lighters as Prince belted out Purple Rain near the end of the film. He was our muse. He was a mid-west muse whose silky vocals and Minneapolis sound was as unique as the rainbow that appeared over Paisley park on the same day as his death. Purple Rain will always allow us to remember him as he was thirty years ago; early in his career and just beginning to enthrall us with his mysticism.  The stories of possible drug use and possible overdose will not taint my perception of this man’s iconic status. He will always be the Purple One that provided so much of the music for my life. Good bye Prince Rogers Nelson, your music will be your legacy and thirty years from now a young teen will dust of his granny’s copy of Purple Rain and another fan will be born