My Anger Vs Liam’s Forgiveness

Reckless: Starring Liam

Liam’s reckless language about his desire to kill a random black man enraged me. His words were acidic and fell on my spirit like a lead weight. How could he disregard a life like it was nothing? He sat with Robin Roberts so casually about his stalking of a black man. The history behind his language and disregard for an African American reminded me of the blood-soaked history of our country. In my eyes, he reminded me of a slave catcher. A vision came to me of hounds baying at the heels of a runaway slave. I saw a beaten individual clawing through mud and underbrush to freedom. Cities burned to the literal ground because a white woman yelled raped or some other sexual misconduct. Liam haunted the streets looking for a random black person to kill because his friend said a black man raped her. I don’t advocate revenge but in a rational person’s mind, it’s easier to believe he would search for the actual man that committed the crime, whether he was white or black. This is why racism isn’t rational. It blinds the person afflicted with it. Nothing is seen through the hate that bubbles behind their eyes and stirs in their dark spirit.

What if: The Death of a Black Man

He attached one act by a random black man to the entire sex and race. As in slavery, you must dehumanize a person to hunt them in this manner. You cannot see a human being. It’s only a thing at that moment. The mission is to destroy it. There is no equality and certainly, no empathy residing in your heart. I imagine what if his mission came to fruition. A random brother comes out of a bar and bumps into a monstrous white man with murder in his brain. Liam murders a man, just like him. Biology is the same. The blood spilled on the street is as red as his own. It covers his hands and his clothes. Life oozes out of the man on the ground. A family man whose wife and kids now have to bury. A husband and father is laid in a cold grave because he was sentenced to death because of his gender and color of skin.

I am Cured…..

Liam Neeson’s candid conversation with Mrs. Roberts did matriculate into how he felt so horrible about his behavior years ago. He states he now sees it for what it was; a horrible racist act. He goes on that he sought help for his racist views and no longer harbors those thoughts. I assume he thought that maybe sharing this may expose how harmful these type of ideas are to humanity. Was it really that noble and selfless of an act? I don’t necessarily have an answer. However, I wonder was any thought given to how abhorrent these statements are to African -Americans and any human being that doesn’t harbor racist views.

Do I forgive?

Optics are everything. The best intentions can sometimes morph into something totally unintentional because of how it looks and sounds to listener and viewer. In the end, I don’t actually think Mr. Neeson understands the plight of African Americans in this country. The pain we feel is historic and we carry it with us each and every day. I believe other whites should take this into consideration before making statements similar to the one said by Mr. Neeson. I would like to offer him forgiveness and the benefit of the doubt about the change in his thinking process but it’s difficult to shut out his harmful admission. Thanks for reading and God Bless.