Disintegrate: to destroy the unity or integrity

Integrity: the quality or state of being complete or undivided

When I first began meditating on how to address the topic of family, I contemplated lacing the topic with humor.  It’s no joking matter when family begins to disintegrate due to petty squabbles and disagreements. As one can gather from the above definition,family’s falls apart do to a lack of integrity among its parts. When a family unit loses it veracity it becomes divided and incomplete. I am not naive in the fact that fights due occur in families and words are said that stab like daggers and poison one’s resolve to remain part of the kindred unit. It’s understandable. However, eventually some effort must take place to move forward.

Unfortunately, there are many families that are distant and angry and  healing from serious injury takes time. Forgiveness is not passed out like cookies in a kindergarten class. A person must be ready to receive or give forgiveness. However, we must not wait until death visits, and the chance to reintegrate the family dies with them. We must not allow death to steal our chance at reconciliation with kindred family.

Family is important and if blessed to have one, be thankful. Some of our fellow human beings are drifting through life without a soul to lean on. There is no soft place to land when the day is long and you return to an empty home. Tragedy sometimes visits and steals a mother, father, child, sibling or other members of the family. It’s easy in the days of social media to become distant. It’s doesn’t take the place of a phone call or even a visit. In closing, I ask all that read this to reach out to a family member you’ve grown distant from and rekindle the connection. Remember love is the glue that binds the bricks of kindred together and with that I believe any injury can be overcome.

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