Yesterday we opened our eyes to the land of swamps, alligators, and theme parks. We shook the tiredness off and went to orientation to receive our park tickets. Over the next several days all four Disney theme parks, sea world and universal are on the agenda. It was exciting going thru all of the Disney information.

Once orientation ended we made our way back to the villa. Its a magnificent home away from home. Justice’s bedroom is huge. There is a whirlpool tub, shower and double vanity in his room. We are jealous of his accommodations. Our room is quite comfortable and the bathroom is immaculate. A full kitchen is provided for our cooking convenience.

Give Kids the World Village is a five star hotel built specifically for children. Two pools, a splash pad, and several dining options are available. There is food delivery if desired and the staff is personable and kind. The kids truly feel like royalty at this facility. The grounds are well kept and several playgrounds are on the property.  You won’t believe this, but ICE CREAM is available from about 8 in the morning until 9pm at night. A kid, if desired,can eat ice cream literally all day. Parents too if you want. Shh, don’t tell anyone I told you that:)  This establishment is truly magical.

Monday we arrived at the Orlando Eye and spent the entire afternoon at this great attraction. It’s similar to Navy Pier in Chicago in style and activities to do. While there we rode a Ferris Wheel that’s 400 feet high, which makes it the 4th tallest in the world. Our two oldest kids rode the world’s largest Star Flyer. They loved that. The view was magnificent from the top of the massive wheel. The wax museum was great but a tad creepy at the same time. The wax figures look almost real. If you didn’t know better your would swear these figure are about to reach out, touch you, and say hey. I think Samuel L. Jackson’s wax figure said something sneaky to me, but my imagination is overactive. Finally the aquarium was like being under water. Justice, enjoyed the fish greatly. He was enthralled by the shark and starfish. It was amazing to watch him read about the different types of sea life and run around to the different tanks.

We went to dinner after and enjoyed each other’s company as we ate a meal together as a family. These times are precious. We cannot let them slip away. Children grow up quickly and it seems overnight. One day you are holding them in your arms and in a flash you are attending high school graduation. Savor each moment with family, because you never know when one may not be there. Thanks for reading and I will post tomorrow about our first days in the Disney Parks.



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  1. These are once-in-a-lifetime events which are so magical when they are experienced together as a family! I’m so glad Justice had the opportunity to make such an important family memory! Love to all who shared in the Magic!

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