I don’t get it. Understanding the past few days with the Kanye drama is difficult. Surreal is what it seems. It’s like being abandoned in the wilderness with no real path to get out. Mr. West deserted his people and morphed into something unrecognizable, yet dangerous. His platform is huge. He isn’t the guy in the barbershop spilling suspect views from unknown lips. A multi-platinum purveyor of one of the most influential music genres since rock and roll needs to be careful of what he states. People listen with intense ears when powerful people speak. His platform is a gift being squandered in stupidity.

Tragedy should never be forgotten. The slaughter of 6 million Jews is not a random point on the historical map. The terroristic extermination of 3000 lives on Sept 11th is not a fantasy but quite real. Finally, the subjugation and enslavement of millions of Black Africans is a horror that still permeates our lives even a 150 years after its abolishment. None of these atrocities was a choice. For Mr. West to suggest that chattel slavery was a choice is just boundlessly ignorant. We mustn’t relegate horrible history to a triviality.

Threatening Kanye with bodily harm won’t change his mind. Furthermore, there is enough violence among our people. What if he went back about 200 years? Let’s see how he fares in the hot bowels of Mississippi. Let him swing a cotton sack as a horse riding overseer stands at the ready to beat him into submission. Strip his name and culture away.  Dehumanize him to the status of a property. Watch him crushed to 2/3 of a person and nothing more. He can witness his children cling to their mother’s feet as they are dragged and sold away. Try to say fight back. Try to say no Mr. West. Try to make a choice when only two options are present; death or escape. If he makes it back to 2018, let’s see if his lips speak about choices in the same sentence as slavery. However, this is only a fantasy. The reality of his foolishness is all too real.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Understand, Mr.West.

  1. What he fails to realize Is that slaves did make a choice. Many of them chose to fight for their freedom in the form of the Abolition Movement. Or others that fought for the Union during the Civil War. Kanye is ignorant of the facts and is making statements just to sell an album.

    1. You sir are so correct. A choice was made when slaves fought back. Kanye is trying to sell an album by speaking foolishness. Thanks for reading and your comment.

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