We Must Protect Our Children

Schools are bound to provide a fair, free, and appropriate education to all children regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, or gender. This is the expectation that all parents have when they send their kids out the door in the morning to board the classic yellow school bus. However, parents also expect their kids to be safe behind the doors of the local public learning institution. We want our schools to be free of fear.

No child should come to school with fear of a bullet ending their lives. A child recently showed up to school with a gun and a knife because he thought someone was going to shoot up his school. Children should be worried about forgetting homework not if they have packed their gun next to their yogurt and ham sandwich. We are in a tragic state of affairs in our country.

We must protect our children from having to duck behind desks and hope death doesn’t visit them. We must protect our children from monsters that want to wreak havoc and steal our kids from their futures. We must protect our children from having to take up adult issues, like gun control, and be accountable as adults as the ones that must change it. We must protect our children from having to fore go their childhood to take up a fight that we as adults seem to refuse to act upon. Finally, we must protect our children from politics as usual and begin to make real change so their children won’t have to learn how to live in fear of bullets but instead learn how to read, write and do arithmetic.