It starts as a slow buzzing in your soul’s ear. It creeps around the corners of your mind like a small and sneaky child. It whispers that something is rising over the horizon. Something that could be ugly and evil may wreck you to the very core.  This is how a premonition is born.

Premonition’s definition sparks  an eyebrow raise from most when it’s uttered out loud to the atmosphere. A strong feeling that something is about to happen is the basic meaning of the word. It’s strong like black coffee. I experienced these feelings recently in my life. The very feet of my soul were mired in concrete. I was paralyzed by the sickly and mutilated idea that something bad was going to happen. Several situations did arise but due to our faith in God we persevered.

Premonitions can knock the wind out of you, but shouldn’t be feared. This post has a dark tone. However, they can be good and lead to great things. I am hoping that when the feeling walks back into my life its for good and not darkness.

via Daily Prompt: Premonition