New Year resolutions are an opportunity to do things over. It’s a time of cleaning house,  examining previous mistakes, and deciding what new directions are ripe with opportunity.  What lies ahead in the next 12 months? 365 days is a long time and a lot can happen. However, during the new year, fresh ideas can be explored. This may be the year to write a novel, change jobs, or take a chance on whatever you have dreamed of doing. Don’t dwell on past mistakes from the previous year but use those lessons to make 2018 better than the last.
 Love life and be the person that you want to be. Each challenge, misdirection, or failure is a blessing. I believe the pressures of the human existence forms us like a blacksmith honing and shaping iron. After going thru the fire and being hammered on the anvil of life we came back stronger and better than ever. Embrace your New Year resolution with strength and when the fork in the road comes look to your heart for guidance. The poem below I believe captures how I feel about resolutions. Maybe it will resonate with you too.





Resolutions pass thru lips

Falling at the feet of previous years

Do better

Make amends

For pass sins


it’s the yearly do over


Dreams float by

Towards the horizon

Shake off life’s mishaps

Don’t be afraid of new steps


It’s the yearly do over


Goals set in stone

Chiseled out of new directions

Is this a fresh beginning?

Not a false start

How to lead?

Look to the heart


4 thoughts on “The Yearly Do Over: New Year Resolutions

  1. Happy New Year!

    I usually make me resolutions on my birthday. When the calendar new year rings in – I also take time to reflect on what I could do better and what habits that I’d like to drop. Hope your new year goes the way you’d like.

    1. On your birthday makes sense. Its the end of a previous year of life, while at the same time you are embarking on a new year of being alive. Its a great time to examine the past year and take stock in what can be different in the next. The end of my year was hectic but I am praying for a more calm beginning to the new one. Thanks for reading as always.

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