I don’t know what to write this holiday season. I could say be thankful but I know all will do that. I could say love one another and think about the ones whom have passed since last Christmas but I know y’all will do that.   I could say wish everyone a Merry Christmas you come across even the ones whom have aggravated your last nerve, but I know you are going to do that. I could say volunteer your time at a local homeless shelter and feed the ones whom feel forgotten  but I know you will do that.

                 Our hearts are usually open this holiday season to all the things mentioned above, but sometimes we are sucked into the commercialism of the holiday. Every commercial has a cheap looking Santa trying to sell us something. Usually we buy Uncle Nate an ugly sweater, which causes him to spit up the customary thank you. However, as soon as he returns home that same garment will end up at the Good Will. I have ran around like a rat in a maze looking for that right gift only to settle for a cheap pair  of socks that will piss someone off as soon as they open them and realize the slogan scrawled across the top is  “I Have Hammer Toes”. Don’t judge me at least I got granny something. Okay seriously why give all your hard earned money away in the mall. You worked long hours dodging stank breath and bad water cooler conversation all year long to earn that paycheck , so why waste it kidney punching little kids for that last mini Nintendo. I recently found out Santa was Black when he went to the Mall of America. I was happy as hell at this idea. I mean Santa now had soul. He could finally bring me some soul food for Christmas. No milk and cookies for you soul brother unless  you leave me a slab of ribs and some potato salad.  Of course once the bigots got wind of a Black Santa, they reared their lovely heads , screamed at the television and their dog Meatball “Santa ain’t no Negro, he a fat white boy”.   I betcha If he leaves them some gumbo and cornbread dressing  they will kiss Black Santa right on the lips and say Santa was too pale and needed some color anyway. The traffic is horrible during the holidays. Folks are honking horns and screaming out of windows. One lady flicked me off and then wished me a merry F-ing Christmas. Now that’s  some holiday spirit for your mind right there. I get the gift of disrespect and holiday cheer all in the same sentence, wow what a lady.

                I know everyone that takes time to read my blog usually is given something serious to contemplate. However, I just wanted to use a bit of creativity to speak about how we need to remember  the holiday season isn’t about just buying gifts for the ones we love. It’s fun to bring a little happiness to the lives of our loved ones when we give them a gift. However, remember that love, understanding, tolerance, and compassion are the greatest gifts. Merry Christmas and thanks for reading.


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