A to Z Challenge “D”: Dee Dee the Snobby Kangaroo

Dee Dee is a very talented Kangaroo. When she emerged from her mother’s pouch many Kangaroos came to see her. They marveled at her magnificent arms, which were perfect for boxing. They stood in awe of her massive and muscular legs which were great for hopping. Her tail was strong and straight and kept her well balanced as she bounced around for the other members of her kangaroo family. Her fur was a magnificent copperish red and cloud soft. Her best feature were her eyes because they were a deep ocean blue. No one had ever seen a kangaroo with blue eyes. When she looked at you it was hypnotic. Her parents were very proud of their new joey or baby kangaroo.

One of Dee Dee’s favorite things to do, just like all kangaroos, was to hop. She was the best at bouncing all over the Outback. She could out hop anyone who challenged her.  Other Kangaroos were impressed with her ability and came from far and wide to watch her race. She won many of the top national hopping awards. Best Hopper of the Year, Fastest Hopper, and of course the most coveted Master Hopper Award were all in her trophy case. Oh yes she was everything and a Koala bear when it came to being the best kangaroo ever. Plus she was beautiful with those wonderful blue eyes. Many boy kangaroos wanted to hop next to her but she was too focused on her skills to spend time with them.

Every two years there was the Roolympics. There were three different events for the top hoppers in Australia. She worked tirelessly to be the TOP HOP and every year she was. She won boxing, The Bounce a Thon, and the Hoptacular. The Hoptacular was basically dancing and hopping blended together. No one could match her tail spin move. She would leap into the air, do a back flip, and land while spinning on her massive feet. That move wowed the crowd every time. There was no one that could match that. In the Bounce a Thon she would always hop the highest and the farthest.  It was legendary how she leaped over a stack of hay bales that were forty feet high and landed with tail straight up and blue eyes gleeming.She was the best and she knew it. What she didn’t know or care to know was that she was also quite nasty to the other kangaroos. She would walk by with her nose in the air and would not even stop to sign autographs or encourage other youngsters who admired her. She had turned into a kanga snob.

Her best and only friend Raymond was a smaller than average Kangaroo with a shaggy dark brown afro.  He didn’t have the hops or the build to be a top sporting Kangaroo. His legs resembled toothpicks and his eyes were really close together and huge. They rested in the customary place like two fat full moons but he was quite smart and loyal to his buddy Dee Dee. He didn’t like how his friend had changed over the last few years, so he decided he was going to talk to Dee Dee.

“Hey Dee, Dee “, said Raymond. “How are you doing?”

“I am doing hoptastic .” she said “When are you going to pick that nappy fro Raymond?”

He just looked at her and grinned a magnificent smile. It was filled with love and admiration for his favorite kangaroo.  She was a marvelous example of roo flesh but on the inside she had really changed. She didn’t appreciate her fans and admirers. She treated them like balled up pieces of paper. He remembered last week after she won the Roolympics how she refused a young joey an autograph. She hopped right over his head and made him cry in disappointment.  Raymond really hated what she had done and apologized to the little guy.

“You know D I really have a problem with you right now”

“Really?” Dee Dee  yelped with surprised.


“Yes I do. I don’t like your attitude.  You treat your fans horrible. You ignore them and the other day after the Roolympics you hopped over a young joeys head. I had to apologize to the youngster and promise him I would bring him a signed picture of you.”

She looked at Raymond with those clear blues and burst out in loud laughter.

“What, I am not doing that.” She said between giggle snorts.

“He can go to my fan shop and buy one like all the other kangaroos in Australia. He isn’t special and plus his little butt was in my way.”

Raymond’s eyes exploded with tears and the fur beneath his eyes began to turn a dark brown.

“I can’t believe you Dee. How can you be so ungrateful? Your fans made you and you need them.”

“I don’t need anyone. I made it on my own.”

“I guess you don’t need me either?” said Raymond thru sobs

“Well, all you do is follow me around. I would say you are pretty useless to me. I don’t need anyone but me.”

Raymond’s face seemed to melt into the floor and his eyes drooped with crushed feelings.

“How can you say that?  I have massaged your legs after matches and rubbed your tail with eucalyptus oil to keep it shiny and strong?”

“Look crybaby.” She  said thru clenched teeth. “You can hop on outta here and don’t bother coming back. You can’t tell me what to do. I am Dee Dee the TOP HOP of the Outback.”

She hurt him on the deepest level with her last words. They entered his heart and exploded like fireworks. She was not the same kangaroo he met fresh from the pouch. She had changed. He hopped away with tail down and his big eyes blazing with disappointment. He would miss her but it was clear he wasn’t needed.


To be continued