Today’s Post is the letter A: The A to Z Challenge and Why I Joined

I recently joined the A to Z challenge. It’s  an online challenge that was designed by a fellow blogger.  The challenge is to create a post based on the 26 letters of the alphabet. This is definitely harder than it sounds. I hope to make it to the end. I signed up so I could challenge myself to finish this. I have did other blogging activities that required daily posts and I failed miserably. When I tried to post each day something always seemed to get in the way of my ambition or dedication.  I want to gain exposure and share my thoughts with other bloggers in the community. Commenting on other blogs and being supportive of each other is key to success. I look forward to receiving comments and supporting other blogs. I hope not to fall victim to life again and lose my drive to complete this activity. I don’t have preset topic or posts which would help me organize. I hope to learn from the veterans how to do this and I hope I am still standing at the end of the 26 days. Thanks for reading this first post. I think it could be better but I am my biggest critic and it is never good enough for me.